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Glam Table lamp

Glamorous but sober, Glam is a Hollywood-esque table lamp with a timeless look. The 2-tone body is harmoniously wrapped in a soft oval brass shape.

Sella Table lamp

The Sella lamp combines brilliant relationships between delicate materials and manual upholstery techniques.

Icon Table lamp

The Icon lamp is a bold and imposing piece. The loose skin and metallic eyelets bring refinement and excellence to the product, transforming the lamp into a luxury element of the room.

Cosmopolitan Table lamp

The Cosmopolitan collection was inspired by the world's timeless luxury trends. In the lamp, the padded leather body stands out, for a unique feeling of comfort. This collection is ideal for luxury apartments, with a focus on comfort and design.

Flare Table lamp

The geometric shape with the combination of velvet and marble, create an elegant, simple and timeless lamp, which can be included in different environments.

Drape Table lamp

The Drape collection was inspired by a haute couture dress. The handmade drapery and the metallic shade make the lamp an elegant and timeless element in the room.

Allure Table lamp

The Allure collection is defined as the meeting point between boldness and elegance. The timelessness of velvet and the boldness of metallic appliques, produce an elegant and refined lamp.

Carat Table lamp

The Carat collection combines bold personality with geometric design. Although composed of simple lines and geometric shapes for a contemporary look, it uses chrome to transform the lamp into a luxury element of the room.

Chevron Table lamp

The Chevron lamp combines soft textures and quality fabrics, embellished by a flap and metallic buttons, combining luxury and comfort.

Pebbles Table lamp

The Pebbles lamp is distinguished by its cozy padded panel with buttons. This model is ideal for a bedroom with a simple and young style.

Dune Table lamp

The philosophy behind the design process of the Dune collection is the winding landscapes of the Sahara desert. Earth tones, combined with curved shapes and lines, result in a beautiful, calm and relaxing design piece.