Innovative molded ecological foam technology, profiled in semi-spheres and that allows different firmness in the same block. Produced with water-based catalysts, it is distinguished for combining durability, safety, freshness and great capacity for customization.

ProTech Springs ™


ProTech Springs ™ technology is the result of years of research by Colunex® teams in the areas of materials engineering and ergonomics. This technology gave rise to high performance pocket spring structures, with total movement independence and extremely high durability.

Supernova Foams™ Memory


Supernova Foams™ Memory is a new concept of visco memory foam, odorless and ecological, distinguished by recovering its shape, after the pressure exerted, 5x faster than conventional memory foams, which facilitates movements during sleep and decreases overheating.

Supernova Foams™ Reflex


Reflex is the first technology in the Supernova Foams™ family developed by Colunex. Highly experienced, this technology presents a rare longevity in high resilience foams, due to its extreme reactivity and superior flexibility.

Breeze Latex™


Breeze Latex™ is a technology of natural origin, composed of Talalay latex of premium quality, giving rise to very smooth anatomical structures. The main characteristic of this type of latex is it non use of chemical products.

Articulated Bed base with pocket springs

Articulated system with pocket springs, which allows you to raise your legs and back in different positions, to rest or sleep. The pocket springs provide extra comfort, with high ventilation.

Articulated Bed base with upholstered rulers

Luxurious electric articulated system, with perforated panels completely upholstered, which allows you to raise your legs and back in different positions, to rest or sleep.

Articulated Bed base with flexible rulers

Electric articulated system, which allows you to lift your legs and back in different positions, to rest or sleep.

Bed base with lifting cover with flexible rulers

Through the versatile and robust mechanics it allows access to the area totally dedicated to storage.

Fixed Bed base with flexible rulers

It combines effective ventilation and good mattress conservation with extra flexibility, which interacts with the mattress, increasing comfort.

Fixed Bed base with pocket springs

Model with pocket spring structure that offers extra comfort and is very breathable. Available in various heights.

Exclusive perforated mini-tubes

Perforated, semi-rigid mini-tubes, which adapt to cervical contours, favoring muscle relaxation and postural alignment, which prevents stiff neck and neck pain. This is an exclusive Colunex® technology.

Supernova Foams™ Memory with Aloe Vera

The memory foam structure incorporates aloe vera in its composition, which is a natural barrier against bacteria and allergies and that moisturizes and maintains the elasticity of the material, providing even more comfort. The multi-perforated structure allows free air circulation inside, creating a cool micro-climate around the head, which prevents excessive sweating.

Supernova Foams™ Memory & Gel

Combining multi-perforated visco memory with a layer of gel foam, this pillow guarantees extreme freshness and the ideal thermal balance for a sleep free of perspiration and heat. This model is perfect for those who prefer higher pillows.

Hygiencell Fibers

Hygiencell fibers are hypoallergenic, anti-mite, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This fiber technology associates the soft touch of down with the high hygiene of hollow fibers that are permeable to air and fully washable, preventing the accumulation of moisture and perspiration and maintaining an environment free of dust mites and allergies.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is known for absorbing odor caused by bacteria, trapping their smell and keeping them from building up.


The insulating properties of silk help to keep the skin at an ideal temperature, providing not only comfort but also the perfect environment for skin regeneration during sleep.


Linen, as a flax fiber, tends to be cool to the touch and extremely breathable.


Bamboo is a hypoallergenic, eco-friendly raw material that is soft to touch and has a refined sheen. Its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties make it extremely hygienic, breathable and excellent at absorbing moisture.


Cotton combines great strength with a particularly soft and pleasant feel. 100% natural in origin, it is cool, fresh, hypoallergenic and long-lasting.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural barrier against bacteria and allergies. The anti-bacterial properties of Aloe Vera provide exceptional hygiene and freshness to products.