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Trendy Plus Headboard

Introducing the Trendy Plus headboard, a stylish embodiment of contemporary design and modular functionality. This bed frame features two sleek hanging side tables seamlessly integrated into the upholstered headboard, offering both elegance and practicality.

Flute Plus Headboard

Named after the musical instrument it emulates, Flute Plus brings a sense of harmony and rhythm into your living space. Just as a flute produces melodious tunes that resonatewith the soul, Flute Plus transforms your bedroom into a sanctuary of serenity and style.

Duke Headboard

Named after the noble title it embodies, Duke reveals the spirit of aristocracy and refinement. Whether your bedroom decor leans towards modern minimalism or classic sophistication, Duke effortlessly integrates into any design scheme, adding an element of refinement and allure.

Margaret Headboard

Margaret is a name with a rich historical and cultural significance. Of Greek origin, the name Margaret is derived from the word "margarites," meaning "pearl." Throughout history, individuals named Margaret have left an indelible mark on various facets of society, ranging from royalty to literature. And just like the Margarets of our world, our new Margaret headboard exudes a classic elegance while also carrying a touch of modernity, making it versatile across different eras and tastes.

Monroe Headboard

The Monroe Bed, a tribute to the iconic Marilyn Monroe, captures the essence of her allure and grace. With its curated design and luxurious features, this bed invites you to experience the glamour of old Hollywood in the comfort of your own bedroom. Embrace the contours of Monroe as you recline on this bed that seamlessly marries sophistication with a hint of daring charm.

Valentina Headboard

Valentina is a unique bed! The upholstered tubular pannels are outstanding and elegant, resulting in a charming and comfortable environment. You can combine different fabrics and make Valentina exclusive for you.

Juliette Headboard

Juliette bed is a timeless and beautiful design piece. The cozy rounded shape allows to create the perfect atmosphere to sleep.

Diana Headboard

Inspired by the exquisite taste of Royal design, Diana bed has a remarkable yet timeless design. Its elegance is in the unique details and any chosen fabric will shine.

Plateau XL Headboard

The Plateau headboard is a model with a minimalist appearance. Simple lines create a regular shape, enriched by sewing techniques applied around the entire perimeter. The quest for great comfort had a huge influence on the design process. This headboard is cute and comfortable, ideal for night readers.

Chevron Lite Headboard

Par la main des artisans, la tête de lit Chevron Lite combine un design remarquable avec des matériaux haut de gamme. Les textures douces et les tissus de qualité sont agrémentés de boutons métalliques, alliant luxe et confort.

Frida Headboard

“FRIDA” – with an irreverent and contemporary design, the ideal setting for nights of rest, relaxation and big dreams. The details and the combination of two fabrics add a touch of refinement and ambiguity, typical of outstanding personalities. The delicacy of its curves defies the eye. A good choice for those who want something more…

Jackie Headboard

“Jackie” – The mid-century inspiration is irresistible and always in fashion. The vertical detail at the center highlights and complements the purity of shapes and colours, in addition to allaying any territorial disputes... Minimalist and modern, it is the ideal piece to beautify and define an urban “decor”, distinct and full of character.