Where the love for sleep has been around for over 30 years!

We work daily to provide you with a complete sleep experience, from the most comfortable mattresses and pillows, to modern and personalized beds, lamps and nightstands, which together result in a dream room.

The historic quality of Colunex mattresses is now also fully applied in the world of upholstery and design.

At Colunex®, we internally control all phases of planning, research, development, design, production, distribution, assembly and assistance of your products. Thus, we guarantee compliance with the most demanding safety and quality standards and provide a personalized and direct service.

We are proud to say that more than 100 professionals are developing exclusive solutions that make your dreams come true.

Since a good night of sleep is essential to live more and better, our goal is to continue to break the limits of bedroom furniture and be able to provide our customers with more restful sleep, in a luxurious, pleasant and comfortable environment.

Colunex is the union between high technology and traditional know-how that ensures the ideal sleep in a personalized bed.

Through the best selection of materials and coatings, each Colunex® bed is produced combining the best of technology and design, with the manual work of our artisans.

Thanks to total in-house production, we offer the possibility to choose materials, colors, dimensions and much more. A Colunex® bed is truly an exclusive and fully customizable product … where your dream is our limit!

The mattress is something extremely personal. Thus, each person has different needs and different comfort preferences.

This reasoning led to the creation of different types of mattresses, both for the technology they incorporate and for the final comfort they provide.

However, your mattress should always provide the essential benefits for a healthy sleep: comfort, body support, balanced temperature, hygiene and hypoallergenics.

All of these factors are crucial for restful rest, which in turn is essential to live healthily and with maximum energy.

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Throughout our history, we have acquired extensive experience in the development of large projects, as well as unique productions.

Whether for a hotel or a decoration project, Colunex® offers you the possibility of total customization. Thanks to our flexibility and willingness to work, we make it possible to create exclusive solutions, tailored to you and your client.

It is in our DNA to work on high standards. Thus, it is our mission to respond to complex projects, with short production and delivery deadlines.

Finally, we have a single internal control over all stages of production of our products. In this way, we are able to optimize decisions, in order to make maximum use of materials and services, always guaranteeing you the best price.

Visit our projects section and discover all the advantages of buying Colunex.

We are present at the most prestigious design and decoration events in the world, such as Maison & Objet in Paris and Isaloni in Milan.

We are also proud to participate in the most renowned design and hospitality fairs in Portugal, such as Intercasa and Decor Hotel, as well as Sleep In, one of the best bedroom decorating events.


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