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Figaro Headboard

Figaro is the coolest bed in our 2020 bed collection. Ready to face the new decade with true confidence and style, this piece went through a long design process to be created. A bed design that got its inspiration from Fígaro – the famous barber of the XVIII century – revisited for the XXI century, this headboard is composed by two extra soft double pillows held by four beautiful hand stitched belts with metallic details.
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Sella Bedside table

The clever mix of fabrics, the leather handle and the artistic metallic legs, create an elegant and simple nightstand. Although created to complete the Sella headboard, this table looks good with other models.
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Flare Table lamp

The geometric shape with the combination of velvet and marble, create an elegant, simple and timeless lamp, which can be included in different environments.
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Beauty Sleep IV Mattress

Book 5-star hotel nights every day. In our customers' words, sleeping in a Beauty Sleep is like “sleeping in the clouds”. Built from the most successful Colunex mattress for luxury hotels, the Beauty Sleep model combines a harmonious composition with a built-in topper and a sumptuous appearance.
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