37 x 54 x 8,5 cm

Neck PostureHygienic and HypoallergenicDurability and RobustnessCool, healthy head Removable Cover


Polyethylene Tubes



Your neck´s best friend forever.

Our exclusive Colunex® pillow, composed of perforated, semi-rigid mini-tubes that adapt to the contours of your neck, foster muscle relaxation and postural alignment, which helps prevent neck strains and pains. As it moulds to the various curves of your neck, this pillow safely supports the base of the skull, ensuring a natural, comfortable posture all night long.

The perforated mini-tubes allow air to freely circulate inside the pillow, performing a fundamental role in maintaining an even temperature around your head, a vital requirement for healthy sleep. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, this pillow is fully washable for complete hygiene. This is an essential feature, particularly for allergy sufferers, since allergic reactions appear with greater frequency during the night. By providing postural alignment and a hygienic environment, this pillow facilitates more natural and, consequently, less noisy breathing.

Neck Posture

Ensures the proper alignment of the neck, naturally and anatomically, helping to prevent neck strains and pains.

Cool, Healthy head

Supports the head in such a way as to maintain good posture and an even temperature, essential for good sleep since this is the part of the body with the highest blood flow.

Durability and Robustness

Colunex®’s exclusive perforated mini-tube technology was created using the most modern parameters in materials engineering, giving this pillow unrivalled durability.

Hygienic and Hypoallergenic

It is fully washable for maximum hygiene. The internal and external components of the pillow are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal.



Mini-tube filling

The filling of this pillow is made of semi-rigid, polyethylene mini-tubes, which, because they are loose, mould to the specific shape of the head and neck of the person using the pillow. They are perforated, allowing air to flow through the pillow, ensuring moisture and heat do not accumulate inside.
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