Charm mattress with independent box-springs and metallic feet, Pompous handmade bespoke headboard and decorative pillows


Protech Springs™ mattress

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30 cm


Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, Firm

Irresistibly comfortable.

Charm stands out for its magnificent appearance, which reflects the vibrant combination of precious materials from its structure. The stretch features a luxurious design and is padded with silk, 3 layers of supersoft foam and siliconized hollow fibers for a cool and extra comfortable effect.

The base of this mattress is constituted by ProTech Springs™ technology, which provides support and strength and in double beds, ensures individual comfort, which allows you to sleep without feeling the movements of the person next to you.

This ProTech Springs™ structure is wrapped by foam layers of Supernova Foams™ and Xenuloc® Feel that provide unique sensations of comfort, by contributing to the relief of pressure points and moulding anatomically to the body´s shape. The internal and external components are hypoallergenic and ensure a lasting hygiene of the mattress.

Charm mattress with Prestige Tencel Stretch cover and side handles
Prestige Tencel Stretch cover
Luxurious pattern of the Prestige Tencel Stretch
Prestige Tencel Stretch cover
Springs by Colunex


Unique Comfort

The combination of high-performance ProTech Spring™ pocket springs with the innovative Xenuloc® Feel moulded, ecological foam technology, brings unique comfort to the Charm mattress.

Luxury Materials

With comfort and temperature balance in mind, this model offers an elegant combination of fine raw materials with special emphasis on the silk.

Health and Hygiene

The discerning composition and the quality of the hypoallergenic materials ensure a ventilated surface, free from dust mites, allergies, heat and excessive perspiration, resulting in a sleeping environment that is hygienic, safe and healthy.

Refreshing Sleep

The comfort and natural posture afforded by the mattress ensures a more tranquil sleep, fostering the relaxation needed to quickly and deeply fall asleep and not wake up during the night.

Protech Springs™

Pocket Coil Technology

High performance springs developed after years of research in ergonomics and material engineering at our Colunex Lab. This technology gave rise to extremely long-lasting, high-performance mattresses.
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