Reflex Supernova Foams™


Combines extremely well with other materials and regains its shape rapidly after the pressure exerted on it is removed.


The structures created with this technology are long-lasting and retain their shape and original characteristics over time.


Open-cell, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly composition, promotes good air circulation and consequently good hygiene.

Supernova Foam is a trademark of Colunex Portuguesa, S.A., registered worldwide.

Supernova Foams™ Reflex was the first Supernova Foams™ technology developed by Colunex®. This means that Supernova Foams™ Reflex is a tried and tested technology that is unusually long-lasting even for high-resilience foam, due to being extremely reactive and offering superior flexibility.

What makes Supernova Foams™ Reflex special is that it can be very successfully associated with other technologies, as well as being able to combine characteristics that are fundamental for a good mattress, such as durability, permeability to air, hygiene and resilience.

Reactive and flexible, it is able to instantly regain its original shape as soon as the pressure exerted on it is removed. This characteristic is continuous and long-lasting.

In addition to its support capacity, Supernova Foams™ Reflex is an extremely hygienic technology, since it is hypoallergenic and prevents the proliferation of dust mites.



Supernova Foams™ Reflex can be used on their own to make high-performance mattresses or can be combined with other technologies.



No CFCs are used in our technology and manufacturing process, resulting in a hypoallergenic material that contributes to healthy, safe and hygienic sleep.



This technology is used to make highly resilient, open-cell mattresses that are breathable and offer great reactivity and superior flexibility.

Supernova Foams™ Technology

“For years, we dream of discovering truly innovative technologies. And when we achieve them, we realise that they are creations requiring lifelong research and development.”

of Innovation Colunex®

Supernova Foams™ are brilliant foam technologies exclusive to Colunex®, which are the result of the explosion in technological advances supported by science and innovation.

Supernova Foams™ technologies surpass conventional foams thanks to the synergies they can create with other materials and their outstanding performance in terms of resilience, durability, ventilation and support capacity.

Such technologies are rarely occurring creations in the history of research; however, the real importance of these revolutionary inventions lies in the benefits they can bring to the development of new solutions for healthy sleep.

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